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Learn about our pressure washing services in the greater Lansing, MI area

Feeling pressure from your homeowners association to clean your dirty house? Is your dirty building sending the wrong message to clients about your business? If your home or office needs a rinse, reach out to Premier Renovation, Restoration & Cleaning today. We offer unmatched pressure washing services in Lansing, MI and surrounding areas. No matter how big or how dirty your home or office might be, you can trust us to have your property squeaky clean ASAP.

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Trust us to clean your property

Cleaning your building or exterior features has never been easier thanks to Premier Renovation, Restoration & Cleaning. Our pressure washing crew in Lansing, MI uses specialized equipment that's tough on dirt and grime and easy on your property.

Some of the most common features we clean are:

  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Decks
  • Patios

Need help cleaning oversized vehicles? Our pressure washing team can clean your fleet trucks, too. Call 517-512-8332 now to speak with a local pressure washing specialist.

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pressure washing services lansing mi